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Process at Fontory

The Fontory process is used for facilitating the workflows and managing each project to become more effective and efficient. The process has been broken down into four main phases which are as follows:

Phase 1: Exploration
We will meet and discuss with the client to agree on the high level objectives, rough guidelines, and schedule of the project. Within this phase, Fontory's ThinkTank unit will begin developing the project plan, requirements and strategies. The deliverables for this phase are Marketing & Business Strategy recommendations, Creative Brief and the Project Plan.

Phase 2: Discovery
During the elaboration phase, Fontory will centralize all working modules within the project plan. The Fontory ThinkTank will conduct, assign and work closely with the rest of the team members. The main objective for this phase is to set up the final framework in both "Design" and "Production" before we move on to the implementation/construction phase. The deliverables for this phase are the final conceptual design schema and prototype.

Phase 3: Construction
Finishing touches and project completion. This includes adding the final content, graphics/medias, quality assurance and setting up the deployment plan. With thourough testing the deliverables for this phase is the beta version of the project.

Phase 4:
During deployment phase, Fontory will walk thru the functionality of the whole project, and incorporate the client's feedback. Finally, Fontory will prepare all the necessary materials and documentations in one package and have it delivered to the client.

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