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Behind the scene.
Fontory is an eclectic and friendly mix of creative individuals from all walks of life. We are a hardworking group that believes in a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to solving design problems. Our team is our most valuable asset.

Working with Fontory, these companies such as IBM, SAP, Intel, Lucent Technologies, Minolta, Sony, Canon, Hertz, have benefited in attaining successful communication solutions. Knowing the individuals behind the Fontory team might give you a better idea of which role you are going to play.

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  Key Roles

Project Manager:

At Fontory, our Project Managers make sure that all trains are running on time throughout the phases of your project. Serving as the day-to-day contact for all aspect of your project's development the Project manager oversees all critical tasks.

Creative Director:
At Fontory, our Creative Director is one of the kep players of the Fontory Think Tank. Our creative directors take a full responsibility of ensuring that the visual and conceptual side of your project's development is on the highest creative level.

Art Director:
Art Director is responsible for designing the overall look- and- feel of the entire site, as well as guiding the art direction and technical direction of a team of graphic designers.

Graphic Designer:
Our Graphic designers are explorer and visual design developer who are responsible for creating all the supporting graphic materials to weaving all design pieces together base on the direction that were given by the Art Director.

Interactive Designer:
This role might be new for someone who are not familiar with the interactive media industry. This is one of the crucial role in developing the digital media. The responsibility for these group of people is to ensure that either the concept/solution,technically, can or cannot become reality. The lead interactive designer normally will be part of our Think Tank as well.

Business and Brand Strategist:
Taking all of your business considerations into account, our Business Strategists will formulate a realistic and achievable business strategy to meet your company's online and offline priorities. Of course, The Brand and Business Strategist will be heading the Fontory Think Tank.

Information Architect:

Information Architect assesses the project's feasibility, as well as implementation risks and costs. The Information architect will directs our technical teams in analyzing, designing, implementing, integrating and testing interactive solutions. This role is the key to building robust, scalable and maintainable systems.

Database Administrator:

The database developer creates and maintains the physical databases in one or more environments. This may involve installation, configuration, and administration of one or more vendors' database products.

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